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What RV’ers heading South need to know about using an RV fridge in the cold!

The cold weather hits and it’s time to head South.  You’ve got the RV packed and you’re ready to hit the open road!

Here’s what you need to know, the majority of the liquid in your RV fridge cooling unit is WATER!  When the fridge reaches temperature the cooling unit shuts down and now the cold becomes a problem.

Tempting as it may be to use your fridge you may want to resist.  Getting down south and discovering you’ve damaged the cooling unit is an added expense that could have been avoided.

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When was the last time you checked your RV?

Here in Alberta January has been a breeze -literally with hurricane strength winds to boot – thanks to the Chinooks. We’ve been having the kind of weather that has been tearing shingles & siding off houses, trampolines have been flipped over fences (and one even on a roof picture was in the local paper), vehicles blown off the road, highways closed down due to wind…you might just want to get out right away and check your RV for possible damage.


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A little taste of Camping & Jamming to get us through the Winter!

What makes camping more fun…..playing music with friends and family!!  The footage in “Yeser That’s My Baby” track 12 from the cd Banjo Favorites by Dennis Oster captures the true feeling of what the fondest memories are made of…

Stop by and visit www.singandmusic.com(click here to be re-directed) for more of Dennis’s passion for music. Here you will  find  samples of his original sound on his latest CD Banjo Favorites.  Also available is the music of  Visions Country Gospel(click here to be re-directed) featuring Dennis’s banjo, guitar and vocals.

The top notch quality of sound you will hear on these tracks can be on your music also with the RECORDING services provided by JD Productions (click here to be re-directed).

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Going South with your RV this winter?

Traveling South this winter with your RV?  Keep your foot light on the gas and eyes on the road…ice and wind can make for a deadly combination.  Do you know what happens to an RV on ice???

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The answer is NO and here is  why…

The battery will discharge and when a battery discharges it turns to water…water + cold temperatures=frozen battery…end result battery is toast!  If you do decide to chance it and leave your battery in please come see us at Strathmore RV when you need to buy another.

You say but I have a Solar System and it will keep your battery charged over the winter….well here’s the thing..the angle of the sun changes resulting in less sun exposure & snow can cover the panel…if by chance your RV battery drops below 10 Volts from parasitic draws in your RV (eg: LP detector) the Solar System won’t be able to bring it back up again.  Again if you decide to chance it and leave your battery in please come see us at Strathmore RV when you need to buy another.

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4X4 RV Adventure

Wow this guy really takes extreme RV’ing to the limit!!  Boldly going where most RV’s don’t dare to go…..

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Winterizing your RV…to Blow or not to Blow that is the question…

Blowing out the water lines in your RV is a good idea when preparing your RV for the cold winter months ahead it’s just not the final step.  The problem with blowing alone is that it leaves the water pump and seals vulnerable to the freezing temperatures.  The air you are putting into the water system doesn’t get to the pump which means you have water left in your pump and that just spells trouble for the future.  The seals in your RV (eg: the toilet) are just like the seals in your home when the seals in your bathroom taps dry out what happens…the taps leak. Using RV anti-freeze when winterizing not only protects the water pump it also prevents the seals from drying out providing the anti-freeze being used has lubricating properties.  When shopping for RV anti-freeze once again it’s a case of buyer beware and you get what you pay for.

A common concern we often hear when it comes to using RV anti-freeze is that the RV owner can’t get the anti-freeze taste out of the water system.  Unfortunately this is commonly the case with the less expensive anti-freezes.  Another common problem with the less expensive anti-freeze is that is stains.  So if you don’t mind the lasting taste and having a pink toilet and sinks any anti-freeze will do.



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Check out the MAJOR Actors, Athletes & Singers who are reaping the benefits of Kangen Water:

Steven Tyler (owns 4 machines),  Jay-Z,  Beyonce,  Donald Trump,  Demi Moore,  Aston Kutcher, Angelina Jolie,  Brad Pitt, Lionel Richie, Shirley MacLaine, Janet Jackson,  Magic Johnson (owns 8 machines),  Chris Daughtry,  Sammy Hagar,  Bill Gates,  Rohan Marley,  Jennifer Lopez,  Martha Stewart,  Carlos Santana,  Elton John,  Jillian Michaels, George Lopez,  UFC FIGHTER Joe “Daddy” Stevenson,  Ron Perlman,  Chris Angel,  John Mayer,  Cindie Blackman,  Bodybuilders Dan Hill & Wade Lightheart,  NY Yankees,  LA Lakers,  109 y/o Bernando La Poll…New celebrities added by the day we will update you as we are able… Also Endorsed by the American Anti-Cancer Institute

What’s beautiful is Kangen Water isn’t just for the wealthy…YOU to can reap all the same health benefits as these Celebrities!!  Just click on the WATER tab to get started!!

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RV Converters/RV Inverters – What’s the Difference? What You Need to Know!

By Vicky Weisenburger

Vicky Weisenburger, EzineArticles.com Basic Author

The purpose of this article is to clarify the difference between the function of an RV Converter and an RV Inverter. The primary purpose of a Converter in an RV is to change 120 Volt A/C power to 12 Volt D/C power whereas the purpose of an Inverter is to change 12 Volt D/C power to 120 Volt A/C power.

RV’s today are equipped with Converters as standard equipment. The Converter not only changes A/C power to D/C power it also act as a battery charger. This means when you are plugged into a 120 Volt power source you are able to run all your fixtures/appliances that need 12 Volt D/C power without drawing your RV batteries down. In fact, while you are plugged into the 120 Volt power source you are actually charging your deep cycle RV batteries at the same time! As was pointed out in our article RV Batteries, Solar Panels and Inverters What You Need to Know, deep cycle RV Batteries are like a long distance runner, giving up power over longer periods of time. Batteries with this kind of capacity and ability need a longer slower charge. Plugging your RV in for a couple of hours simply won’t do the job. Same can be said if you are relying on charging your deep cycle battery while you drive! The mere surface charge a battery receives simply won’t be enough for your RV. In order to allow your Converter do its job properly, plug your RV into the 120 volt power source for at least 2 days.

Inverters however are NOT standard equipment; rather Inverters are an add-on accessory. If you choose to equip your RV with an Inverter you will be drawing & relying on your 12 Volt D/C power supply (in other words your deep cycle battery). Something to keep in mind when considering which Inverter is right for you is the load you will be placing on the Inverter. For example the load required to charge a cell phone will be much less than the load required to run a microwave oven. If you plan on inverting your D/C power to A/C power you may want to consider Solar Panels. It doesn’t take long to draw down your RV batteries when inverting considering the Inverter converts the DC power to AC power at a ratio of 10 – 1! Knowing that for every 1 amp needed to run the appliance approximately 10 amps is drawn from the battery, how long your RV battery will last all comes down to your overall battery capacity.

When it comes to Converters and Inverters again the old saying “you get what you pay for” rings true! Strathmore RV knows you work hard and deserve to play hard the 21st Century way in a fully functional RV. Let us help you make the right choice for your RV visit us at http://www.strathmorerv.com.

We have more information on camping, camping tips & tricks and on maintaining your RV our sister website http://www.extremervguy.com

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Vicky_Weisenburger

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