Will Bear Spray Work on Cougars?

Are you planning on doing some camping this summer? Maybe some hiking in the backwoods? Or do you live in an area where cougars and bears have been sighted? Bear pepper spray is really an essential item to always have within reach in such situations.

Guard Alaska Bear spray is an EPA registered bear deterrent that is so effective, it is registered as a deterrent against ALL species of bear, from brown bears to polar bears. It is made from the natural chemical Oleoresin Capsicum taken from very hot peppers and is endorsed by the Alaska Science and Technology Foundation. It is safe for the environment, leaves no after-effects on the bear and will keep you safe in the event of a confrontation with a bear.

But bears are not the only wild animals you may encounter in a mountainous or wooded area. Cougar sightings seem to be becoming more frequent in populated areas and during daylight hours. Cougar attacks are rare, but then so are bear attacks. That doesn’t mean you should ignore the possibility it could happen to you or your loved ones. It means you should always be prepared.

One problem with being able to prevent a cougar attack is that they are silent predators, whereas bears make quite a bit of noise once they sense a human’s presence. A cougar will sneak up on its prey soundlessly and usually from behind, such as a house cat will patiently and soundlessly sneak up on a mouse.

Cougars are fast and will not initiate a bluff charge, such as a bear will. If a cougar is running towards you, it will not stop until it is on top of you. This fact causes some concern in being able to use bear pepper spray on a cougar. If you are actually able to witness a cougar advancing towards you and can get your bear pepper spray out in time to spray before the large cat gets to you, it will have the same effect on the cougar as it will on a bear. It will instantly inflame the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose and mouth causing temporary blindness and difficulty breathing.

Cougars also will search for easy prey such as small children if they are going to attack a human. Again, it is very rare, but there have been instances when a cougar is possibly not finding enough of a food source otherwise or a child has wandered too close to its recent kill. Perhaps the cougar is injured and can’t take down a large deer, making the sight of a small child too tempting to resist. In these cases, the only possible effectiveness of bear pepper spray would be if an adult were nearby with a can of the spray. Emptying the can of spray on the cougar will cause it to drop the child and hopefully save the child’s life. Yes, the spray will effect the child as well, but it is your only hope in such an encounter. Keep the child as calm as possible until you can get help.

The best protection of children in any area where wild animals may be present is keeping them within sight and reach of an adult. In other words, don’t let children run ahead or lag behind on hikes. Don’t let children run off to explore by themselves at a campsite without being accompanied by an adult.

Cougars are awesome beautiful creatures, but unfortunately they are becoming less afraid of humans because of our encroaching presence on their habitat. We are moving towards them and they are moving towards us. It is inevitable that our worlds will collide at times and confrontations occur. Always be alert to your surroundings and use all of your senses when outdoors. Take off the head sets and put away the cell phones. Enjoy nature, but always have a can of bear pepper spray handy to protect you and your loved ones if the situation arises. Hopefully it never will.

Karleen Lindsey has lived her entire life with a love and respect for all animals and nature in general. She would like to help others find the peace she has found in nature by offering safety measures to ensure a relaxing and safe experience in the outdoors. Check out her Guard Alaska Bear Deterrent and Mace Bear Attack Prevention and receive a 20% discount on your first purchase over $10.

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